Offering dedicated professional fit-out, A&A works, and design & build services for 40 plus years.

Fit Out

From budgeting, design development to planning and execution, we have 40 plus years of experience in handling commercial projects of any scale. Our expertise covers a wide range of sectors, including retail, office and hospitality, offering the highest level of dedicated service throughout the project and beyond.


A&A Works

To cater to the design intent and maximize limited space in Hong Kong, alteration and addition works are inevitable to deliver a fluidly creative space. Quality and safety are our top priority and our experienced partners and project managers ensure all tasks are performed under safety regulations.


Design & Build

Expanding our expertise and passion beyond interior renovation, we offer design and build turnkey services specializing in revamping buildings. Our design approach is form follows function, creating practical and functional spaces across all sectors. Our goal is to precisely support and transform a client’s vision into reality. 


Bridging the gap between design and construction with exceptional design expertise and quality execution.

Attention to Detail

We speak the design language and have the highest standards in design details and quality control to ensure the perfect handover.

Small Dedicated Team

From preconstruction to handover our team of project managers provide the most professional and dedicated service to meet every client’s needs.

On-time Delivery

A seamless delivery always starts with identifying potential complications and minimizing unexpected discrepancies. Time management and communication are the key to a successful project.